Ship purchasing, sales and recycling

The maritime transport sector has reached such a degree of complexity and competitiveness that it is necessary to have in-depth knowledge for successful operations such as the purchase, sale or recycling of ships. Trust in the experience of CTRANS Transport Services.

  • Ship sales management. We offer a comprehensive service throughout the negotiations for the sale of ships which take into account the technical risks of this type of operation and ensures a correct outcome. To do so we rely on our experience, our own database and extensive network of collaborators.
  • Management/obtaining bids and contracts for the recycling of ships. We search for the best naval recycling service when a ship reaches the end of its useful life. In addition, we ensure compliance with environmental regulations and measures for the prevention of occupational hazards during all jobs.
  • Management of cargo transport to the vicinity of the recycling area (by request). Do you want to maximize return on your ship that is reaching the end of its lifespan in the safest way? We find a suitable cargo contract with delivery close to the selected naval dismantling facilities to take advantage of the ship’s last voyage.

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