Dry cargo brokerage, commercial management, ship chartering and management of space on ships

Cargo management, commercial management and chartering of ships are complex tasks that consume many resources and require a profound knowledge of the sector, as well as having the right contacts. At CTRANS Transport Services we take care of these tasks for you to achieve the best results.

  • Cargo and ship brokerage for owners, operators, managers and charterers of ships and for cargo owners and managers*. We provide our cargo and ship search services according to the most stringent industry standards and codes of conduct by ensuring proper risk management and the prevention of possible fraud.
  • Commercial management of ships. If you want to ensure adequate exploitation and profitability of your ship without taking unnecessary risks, place your trust in the vast experience, large team of collaborators and the professionalism of CTRANS Transport Services. We are specialists in maritime transport, and we know how to manage your valuable asset with maximum efficiency.
  • Collection of unit prices and daily rental of ships (current and/or recent). Just as important as the management capacity is the ability to obtain up-to-date information on prices and trends in the sector. We have our own databases and well informed and connected staff.
  • Advice on the terms and conditions of freight contracts. Don’t be misled by confusing contracts, malicious intermediaries or errors made due to lack of experience. CTRANS Transport Services offers transparent and honest advice so you can achieve the best conditions for your sea freight contracts.
  • Management and follow-up after contract signing. Is your current provider complying with the conditions stipulated in your sea freight contract? You can’t always be on board to verify this, but our qualified staff will be responsible for the management and monitoring of
    servicios broker de buquesthese conditions in order to defend your interests at all times.
  • Advice on conflict management. It is important to react swiftly and with determination if there’s a problem with your cargo or ship, and it is no less important to seek a satisfactory solution or at least one that will minimize the damage. Our years of experience in the sector give us the capacity to manage all types of conflicts and resolve them in an optimal way.
  • Chartering of dry cargo ships and contracting space on ships. Do you need to charter a ship or hire space on one to carry your dry cargo? You can rely on CTRANS Transport Services’ experience and contacts. We are search for, investigate and carefully select the most suitable ships to ensure that your goods reach the desired destination swiftly and safety, and always at the best price.

* Please refer to the terms and conditions for the cargo and ship brokerage services here. Insured service

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