Integral management of dry cargo ships

Our experience and professionalism in the management of dry cargo ships, along with a wide range of contacts all dry cargo ship management services over the world, allow us to offer a safe and quality service at a competitive price. This comprehensive service includes all facets of management:

  • Crew. We select, train and manage the crew of the ship in accordance with the corporate culture of our firm, based on international codes.
  • Technical. We deal with all the technical aspects of the ship, from its maintenance and security measures to the working procedures and information requirements.
  • Finance. We manage the financial-economic side of matters with the utmost rigour by providing accounts, reports, purchasing requests, analysis and rationalization of expenditure measures.
  • Quality and safety. We guarantee the fulfilment of all occupational health and safety protocols through a comprehensive system of information, optimization and risk control.
  • Procurement, supplies and contracts. You don’t have to worry about the day-to-day details, because we take care of the strategy, maintenance, planning, etc.

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