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Global Sourcing
If you want to ensure a cost-effective and optimal operation of your ships and aircraft, CTRANS Transport Services can provide you with all the products and services necessary for your operation. Ensure maximum performance while reducing costs and preventing complications.

  • Spare parts, procurement and services. Take advantage of our wide network of contacts for all the products and services that the operation of your ships and aircraft need. Our partnerships allows you to reduce costs without sacrificing quality.
  • Equipment, fuels and lubricants. The regular operation of a ship or aircraft requires ensuring an adequate flow of fuel, lubricants and other supplies. We acquire them at the best market price for just-in-time delivery.
  • Insurance brokerage. Do not run unnecessary risks in the operations of ships or aircraft. We select, contract and manage the insurance policies that provide the best coverage according to your needs through leading insurance companies.
  • Repairs and maintenance. Reduce downtime and avoid unforeseen costs, with our fleet repair and maintenance management provided by our expert team. In collaboration with the best shipyards and specialized service centres, we will ensure that the work has gets done quickly and efficiently.

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