Management and chartering of aircraft and air cargo

Alongside maritime, air transport is the other great speciality of CTRANS Transport Services. We manage everything from the selection and hiring of aircraft to advising on freight contracts, flight permission management, etc. We take care of everything for you.

  • Search, management and hiring of aircraft for passenger or cargo transport. Do you need an aircraft for passengers on a private flight? Maybe for transporting goods? Tell us your requirements. Our experience and contacts allow us to find the best solution for your needs, always in accordance with the standards of national and international organizations. Gestión y fletamento de aeronaves y carga aérea
  • Advice on the terms and conditions of freight contracts. Do not allow inexperience or rushing make you sign an abusive or precarious air freight contract. Our experienced staff can provide the advice you need to agree on the best conditions or even negotiate in your name or in the name of your company.
  • Flight permission management. Due to airspace saturation, obtaining the necessary flight permission is becoming increasingly slow and laborious. Our agile operations management and contacts in the sector allow us to shorten the time taken to obtain all necessary approvals in time so that your plan is not frustrated or delayed.
  • Management and follow-up after contract signing. You do not need to be present everywhere to ensure each party’s compliance with what was agreed in the contract. Our monitoring and on-board staff will control everything down to the last detail and ensure that your interests will never be harmed. You can rest assured.

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