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Valencia (Spain), since 2011

Your trusted partner in maritime and air transport management

We are a company specializing in the management of maritime and air transport services which was founded in 2011. Our headquarters are located in Valencia (Spain). More Information

Work philosophy

Our philosophy and policies are based on comprehensive management adapted to the needs of all the actors in maritime and air transport: operators, owners and managers of ships or aircraft, charterers, owners and managers of loads. More Information

Transport Management Services

Our management services for maritime and air transport include:

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Human Team

A team of highly qualified professionals allows us to offer our maritime transport and air transport management services in the most effective manner. The team includes staff from our office in Valencia, as well as to the crews on ships and aircraft that oversee the operations in-situ. More Information

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If you are looking for an expert company in the management of maritime and air transport, CTRANS Transport Services is your best option. We take care of your ship, aircraft or cargo as if they were our own.

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