Management of maritime and air transport with added value

Founded in 2011, CTRANS Transport Services is a company that provides maritime and air transport management services, as well as those related to the sector’s auxiliary industries. Our offices are located in Valencia, a town situated on the shore of the Mediterranean and with a long tradition of logistics. From here, we provide services to all types of national and international clients that rely on our profound knowledge of the industry and extensive network of collaborators. More information

Our network

We have an extensive network of collaborators on the seven continents which allow us to offer our maritime and air transport management services throughout the world. This network of collaborators made up by leading companies in their segments, such as:

  • Maritime and air transport intermediaries
  • Consultancy firms
  • Law firms
  • Product manufacturers and distributors
  • Specialized service providers
  • Classification societies
  • etc.

We ensure that all these companies work in a coordinated and efficient manner to make sure that the “machinery” that makes our services possible never stops.

Our mission

The mission of CTRANS Transport Services is to offer a wide range of maritime and air transport management services, as well as other related activities, in line with our philosophy and policies, and adjusting to the values of our organization.

Our vision

We want to become a company recognized for offering added value management services for national and international clients that require air or maritime transport with a view to helping them achieve optimum operation and growth of their business.
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Our Values

CTRANS Transport Services’ values are the principles that guide our actions and the “additives” that ensure that the machinery of our company operates at full capacity.

  • Creativity We explore alternative paths that allow us to provide increased value to our clients.
  • Dynamism We are in constant constructive motion to allow us to grow and expand the services we offer.
  • Honesty We prioritise the righteousness of our staff and our organization in everything we do.
  • Continuous Improvement Our humble attitude and our desire for improvement are the compass that guides us to achieve excellence.
  • Perseverance We believe in good practices and we encourage them in order to offer a 100 % professional service.
  • Proactivity We always try to be one step ahead of events in order to be more agile.
  • Responsibility We respect the rules and our agreements with clients, never making unrealistic claims.

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